Personalised Coaching Ultimate Plan

  • 4-week training block of personalised coaching.
  • Training is planned around your daily routine.

  • Strength and cross training sessions included. 
  • Event or goal specific.
  • 1x Free video analysis per month.
  • Weekly contact with Danielle.
  • Monitor training through Final Surge APP which links with a range of devices. 

  • Minimum 1 month sign up.

12 Week 20-25km Race Program

  •  This training program is for an intermediate- advanced paddler looking to complete a 20+km race.
  • The program cycles through 3×4 week training blocks, with the focus on the 4th week being adaption and recovery.
  • 5 paddle specific sessions per week.

  • 2 strength sessions per week.

  • ½ price discount off a 90minute coaching session or video analysis with Danielle.

12 Week Beginner 10km + Race Program

Coming soon…..

12 Week Intermediate 10-15km + Race Program

Coming soon….

Weekly Example