Pushing Limits Paddlers Home Workouts Week 3-4

$10 a week, minimum 2-week signup. So a total of $20.

What’s included:

You will receive a PDF document that you can download.

You will be provided with 3 home workouts per week. All require minimal equipment.

Plus 3 paddle sessions per week.

And 2 running sessions per week. These can also be used on a spin bike or for other cardio.


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If you have been following the first 2 weeks in the Home Workouts. This is the next 2-week block. I have updated the home workouts, paddle and cardio sessions. For those that enjoy change. Download a copy of this workout!!! These workouts are designed to help people who don’t have access to gym facilities, training squads or are looking for some inspiration or different training sessions to their normal training. These workouts are designed to use minimal equipment and can be completed relatively quickly. The emphasis is quality over quantity. Pushing Limits Coaching training plans will help paddlers stay strong, fit and healthy. Pushing Limits Coaching provides you with a variety of strength, running and aerobic workouts that are quick and easy to complete. I have done all of these sessions over the past few years. The exercises are targeted for paddlers but really anyone who wants a full-body workout will benefit.


All payments are made via the website via debit or credit card processed by Stripe or PayPal. If you have any queries – please just let us know, and we will do our best to help you out.

Refunds will not be accepted. Once you sign up for a 2 week program and receive the program you will not be eligible for a refund. 

These programs use very limited equipment. At the most you may need to purchase a resistance band and a core roller. 

We will have Pushing Limits Coaching paddle tees available to purchase on the day of the clinic. You will be welcome to try the tees on for size. 


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