The Gold Coast offers spectacular downwind conditions.

Appreciate the golden sandy beaches and stunning coastline whilst pushing your limits in this 10km race which caters for all abilities.
Northerly and Southerly course options weather dependent.

Race Information

Race Date: Sunday 21ST August 2022.

A 10km ocean racing dash on the Gold Coast.

Northerly and Southerly course options.

Northerly: Southport – Miami.

Southerly: Tugun – Miami

The course will be finalised on the Friday before the race.

Race Start: 1pm


Race Start Procedure:

The start format for ALL paddlers shall be a deep water start. A virtual line shall exist inline with the starting IRB. In the interest of safety and fair competition paddlers should “self-seed” themselves by choosing a position in the pre start area that is a realistic reflection of their competitiveness and paddling ability. A loud start horn shall indicate the start of the race. Any paddlers that break the start line will receive a 2 minute penalty added to their finish time.

Northerly: Southport - Miami

Southerly: Tugun - Miami